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Offered Services

Internet of Things (IoT)

Electronic developments to connect anything (object, person, home, vehicle, etc.) to the Internet and thus control / sense it.

Android Apps

Design and development of cutting-edge applications for Android devices, in native language.

Electronic Developments

Specialist in custom hardware design and firmware development for microcontrollers. Ultra Low Power Techniques. Prototypes in the short term.

Online/Desktop Systems

Customized applications for management, stock control, personnel control, access control, etc.


In constant process of modernization, we manage to take your company / product to the next level by applying I+D and Continuous Improvement.

iOS Apps

Design and development of cutting-edge applications for iOS devices, in native language.

This is how I define myself

Curriculum Vitae

"Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down!"

Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad

I'am an Electronic Engineer by profession, of restless mind and soul, always looking for new things to do.
Technology and electronics are my passions, looking for the its fusion with art and the beauty of simple things.

Structured and methodical in every endeavor, both my own and those of third parties. Focused on providing technological solutions in the area of ​​Electronics, Informatics, Communications and Mobile; through a fluid and personalized communication with each of client.

Proactive, I like to get in touch with the need or problem to be able to appreciate it from different points of view and find the right way to articulate it with an innovative solution.

Isn't it wonderful when things just work?

How things are done

Process Flow

  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Final Product
  • Continuous Improvement
they trust, listen to them

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Tel.: +54 9 (0341) 153-782-600

Rosario, Santa Fe - Argentina